Spring 2020
Finding home; wherever you are.

In a world as fast as ours, it can feel very difficult to find your footing. And when your life is changing just as quickly, that feeling is only intensified. It’s time we make the world a little smaller and a lot more familiar.

Pocket: discover home

Moving to a new city is something we can all relate to; especially all the hardships involved with it. Your new location may be chock full of places perfect for you, which is where Pocket comes in.

What can Pocket actually do?

Pocket is the perfect blend of social media and utility; promoting connectivity and pushing our user-base to seek shared experiences. Pocket utilizes its smart search engine to populate your own tailored map of places and events relating entirely to your interests. Connecting with friends means being able to explore similar interests together, without any fear of someone's preference being unincluded.

Why is this necessary?

Currently, there exists no solution that can track the nuanced interests of a user and overlay that with the potential a location has to offer. Pocket aims to close the gap between the utility of maps and search engines and the social capabilities of social media apps.

My Role

Interaction Designer
Visual Designer
User Research

This experience was completed in the Spring of 2020 over the course of 20 weeks as a project for User Experience Senior Studio I & II.

I worked as part of a four member team, alongside fellow UX Designers:

Connelly Morris

Dane Galbraith
Sarah Doncals

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