Fall 2019
Staying focused without missing out.

It’s so easy to get off track when you have access to an endless span of distractions in the palm of your hand. That same distraction carries some of your most treasured updates. How do we get what we need without any of the fluff?

Noa: disconnect. stay connected.

While cutting the cord and disconnecting from your technology may be an effective way to focus on your work, it is equally impractical as it is helpful. Many jobs demand connectivity while you work, and many people simply do not want to miss out on potentially important notifications. Noa is the much needed compromise.

What is Noa?

Noa is a two-part system that would help you keep your attention on what’s important without you having to worry about missing out. The first part is an app-integrated AI that will learn, through your interactions, which notifications are most important to you. This is passed along to the second part, a secondary e-ink display that conveniently attaches to your phone when not in use. This device will display only important notifications, such as work-related emails, calls from a loved one, or alarms you have set. Quick-response functions means you can effectively reply without needing to take out your phone.

Why is this necessary?

Our research shows that, on average, we receive over 100 notifications daily from countless sources. And while it is largely the function of apps to keep you glued to your device, Noa exists to keep users from falling into a wormhole of non-productivity.

Final Deliverables

Vision Film

Process Book

My Role

Interaction Design

Product Design

Visual Design

This experience was completed in the Fall of 2019 over the course of 10 weeks as a project for User Experience Studio I.

I worked as part of a five member team, alongside fellow UX Designers:

Darren Wells

Lydia Goshen

Daniel Kim

Ivy Watson


Indigo Design Award - Gold - Mobile Interaction & Experience

Core 77 Design Award - Strategy & Research

European Product Design Awards - User Interface Design Award

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